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It begins by teaching you everything you need to know about the vitamin, including its benefits, how much you need, and how to get it from food.

It includes shareable infographics to make the concepts fun and easy to understand.

Since the carboxyl group is added to the third carbon of the glutamate sidechain, known as the gamma (๐›„) carbon, the process is known as ๐›„-carboxylation.

Once modified in this way, glutamate becomes ๐›„-carboxyglutamate and is abbreviated โ€œGla.โ€ Thus, vitamin K-dependent proteins often have the term โ€œGlaโ€ in their names.

One study showed it was effective but the second failed to replicate the findings and the topic was largely forgotten thereafter.

At the time, researchers thought any effect of menadione would be a result of its antibacterial activity.

The question is whether nutritional doses, which I would define as those under one milligram per day, offer meaningful support to bone health.

The evidence that MGP plays the same role in humans is extensive, and the sections below discuss that evidence in the context of each specific health benefit.As described below, different forms of vitamin K reach different tissues to different degrees, so some forms better support some of the health outcomes discussed above than others.However, all the roles described above can be fulfilled by any form of vitamin K able to reach the relevant tissues. The mechanisms involved are unclear: some studies show that it binds to the steroid X receptor (SXR), while others show that it regulates gene expression through SXR-independent mechanisms.Future studies should be larger, at least three years long, and compare different doses and forms of vitamin K in different contexts to improve our understanding of how to best take advantage of this vitamin for bone health.For now, the principle is sufficiently compelling to consider it likely over time that optimizing vitamin K intake is likely to provide meaningful benefits to bone health., but it also has direct antibacterial effects.

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