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It’s the story of a male friendship nearly destroyed by their collective interest in the same girl.Nevertheless, there are plenty of hugs, “I love yous,” and even kisses portrayed as natural aspects of their friendship all while never once doubting their masculinity or sexuality. The comedy duo often diverts attention away from moments of platonic intimacy through humor.With women, there’s the antiquated notion that friendship is a facade for rivalry.There are certainly male versions of this whether it’s , whose main cast is made up almost entirely by men with the exception of Elaine Benes.One probably imagines an entourage in the vein of Taylor Swift’s “squad.” There’s a bevy of “besties” who’ve got each other’s back no matter what. There are the classic catfights straight out of reality TV where jealousy and backstabbing reign supreme.There even exists what’s known as the “Bechdel test,” which gauges how much the fictional portrayal of a female friendship is just devoted to talking about guys.If the couple gets together too quickly, the announcement will likely be met with little fanfare or excitement.

With an odd couple or partners in crime scenario, total opposites are paired together because clashes of personality are bound to be entertaining.

The partnerships are often built on humorous eccentricities and compassion instead, rather than physical desire. Kirsch doesn’t lament being designated as “just a friend.” He’s ecstatic when he realizes he’s made it to the so-called “Friend Zone.” He admires Danny so much that whether she ever feels romantically interested in him or not, it does nothing to damper his affection for her (in a completely “respectful of your boundaries” way).

More common is a pairing whose friendship exists with romantic undertones hidden underneath or the “friends turned couple” scenario. If that isn’t the sweetest declaration of love, what is?

On shows such as the central male-female friendships take a different route.

Since Adrian Monk and Edwin Jarvis are not typical alpha males or leading men, it can lessen the likelihood of a romance developing.

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