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The new powerful processor allows TYAN to offer the optimal balance of computing, memory and I/O for the customers.

By adopting the latest AMD EPYC processor technology, TYAN brings high memory channel bandwidth and PCI Express high speed I/O connectivity features to enterprises and datacenters.

Well obviously i failed and now the plastic is stuck around the pins and im left with what is left on the pictures below.

My questions are: Can i still safely run the pc just without the USB for now, until this gets resolved (if it ever gets resolved) and do tech guys at stores that offer pc repairs have tools to pry this peace of plastic out without damaging the Mo Bo?

Mea culpa.) Because In-Win included motherboard standoffs effectively extruded from the motherboard tray, installing our new test board was actually a very simple affair.

They do include additional standoffs if you're using a smaller board like the previous test board, though.

2.5" drives can be bottom-mounted to the trays, but In-Win also includes two dedicated installation points for 2.5" drives.

3.5" drives fit snugly into the trays; the trays themselves are a pretty sturdy plastic with exactly enough flex, and pins snap into the side screw holes of the drives.There are a couple of major problems going on here.First, there's no routing hole for the AUX 12V line, so you'll have to run it across the motherboard.The steel In-Win used for the case is actually pretty damn sturdy, too, and I was surprised at how much force I had to apply to eventually remove the covers.Where installing our testbed into the GT1 goes haywire, though, is the cabling.

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Second, the routing holes that feed into a channel around the motherboard aren't just small, they're actually already mostly occupied by the case's leads. Our review unit came with all the fans and fan controller connected .

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