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Incredibly the power never went out and the phones still work.It would seem an EMP sent by the lightning strike is to blame.With the 5-6 inch snowfall we had last Saturday (2/3/18) we now have the best riding conditions of this season.We put on about 200 miles over the weekend and the trails were very good.The NST between Lakewood and Wabeno also got a bit rough in places and was showing too much gravel in others.Again, a minor issue given the overall trail conditions at this time.Don’t forget the upcoming Lakewood Firefighters Picnic on Sunday, September 4th. Food, refreshments, raffles (both cash and meat and other items), Live music, and the big FREE steam cooked SWEET CORN.

Since the temperature was well below zero this morning we waited until later in the morning to head out.

We then worked our way back toward Lakewood and hit the railroad grade/NST which had a fair amount of gravel on it.

We had a quick lunch at the Subway in Lakewood and continued on the NST heading north past Townsend.

There was the occasional rock and stick to be found but overall the trail was in much better condition that was expected.

We worked our way around to the back side of the Mc Caslin Brook Golf Course and found those trails to be getting a bit thin with a fair amount of snirt in some areas which is typical for this part of the trail.

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We decided to head out the back side of Wheeler Lake, the trail hadn’t been groomed since the last snowfall so it was a bit rough.

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