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From the first attempt it was clear that I was wrong.My perception of the load during the lift was completely different. I discovered that Accommodating Resistance Devices, like chains and elastic bands, are largely used in powerlifting and sport performance facilities.This is only true with those exercises that have a descending strength curve, training the bottom range of motion and limiting the strength potential in the top ranges of motion.A descending strength curve means that the lift is harder in the first part but becomes easier after a certain degree of the range of motion.This concept grew popular first through machines that used cams.These cams changed the leverage to make a weight feel heavier or lighter in different positions throughout the range of motion. For powerlifting, which emphasizes free weights, accommodating resistance has emerged through chains and bands that usually attach to barbells.You see more explosive lifting and very-low rep sets.Many trainees apply advice on form suited only for those that use support gear.

Improving strength is the exact process that increases muscle size in the long run, so any program that allows you to get stronger will work well.

So if you are a professional trainer I suggest you use them to enhance the performance and confidence of your athletes. In order to show you the effects of the ARD on the force-velocity relationship I wanted to compare some deadlifts with and without chains. I decided to make one loop, so when I’m on the top of the lift they are almost completely raised from the floor.

Pay attention on the set up of your chains because it will vary the load on the barbell during the lift: put the chains out of the barbell and be sure they won’t go under the plates when you lay down the barbell.

I would recommend beginning with using chains and then progress to bands, as bands are more stressful.

Due to their elastic nature, they pull the bar back down quickly increasing the eccentric stress on the muscles.

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Both training methods result in more strength, but WRD is more effective for increasing muscle mass (greater Cross Sectional Area).

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