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When the presence of bipolar disorder is identified, I ask myself if more than one condition may be present, secondary to the bipolar.

Making my recommendation includes talking with the child, his/her parents, teachers, and other counselors, and identifying the presence of mood shifts, sudden rage, and a family component.

To the child in rage, it is a life and death struggle.

As the limbic system flares on, adrenaline spikes, the child becomes stronger, and the thinking brain located in the frontal cortex shuts down.

Lynn As a mental health counselor who works with children diagnosed with bipolar disorder and author of a book on the subject, parents often ask me to evaluate their elementary-school-age children for the presence of bipolar disorder.

Mood shift: Children who have bipolar disorder typically experience dramatic shifts in mood ranging from calm to manic states to marked depressions.They worry all the time and do not like to take risks. The air around them feels “electrified” with tension, as if people are living in a microwave oven.They tend to be so hypersensitive to stimulation that they experience the world as continually irritating and continually threatening. They have a difficult time separating from their mothers. And they often have phobias, such as a fear of insects or of going out of the house.Parents typically suspect their children “are bipolar” because their child is hyperactive, given to temper tantrums, and is very impulsive.Other characteristics include insomnia and oppositionality. In order to establish a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, I determine if these challenges express the criteria for bipolar disorder, or if the less severe diagnosis of ADHD or GAD is indicated.

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Because the exact diagnoses of immediate relatives may not be clear, part of my evaluation includes asking about psychiatric hospitalizations, suicides, depression, and alcoholism.

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