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It was long believed that allergic reactions from kissing were exceedingly rare. Rosemary Hallett and her colleagues at the University of California at Davis discovered that kissing was far more hazardous for people allergic to nuts and seeds than doctors had thought.

He made references to future plans, such as me visiting the restaurant where he works and doing illustrations for a children's book he's writing, but when we said goodnight there was no mention of a second date. No Kiss has a case of the nerves, or that he may call, but when I have a great first date, I always do two things: make future plans and kiss her goodnight.

“No kissing if I’ve eaten bad stuff, so I won’t,” he replied.

They kissed that night, and again over the next couple of months.

Lisa leapt at the opportunity: “The allergen has to get into my body, either through food or by kissing someone.” Not long after, Michael asked Lisa out.

She asked if he remembered what she had said about her allergies.

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What’s more, Hallett suspected the percentage of people suffering post-kiss reactions might be higher than 5 per cent, because the 20 people in the survey volunteered their information as opposed to being asked directly.

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