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Over the last few years he'd approach me, always at night, and using at little boy voice reserved for this situation, ask whether I was in the mood.

I'd say yes, even if I wasn't, and take him in my mouth or with my hand.

Since then both boys had moved up a weight class and were now wrestling at 188 pounds. Aware that time was running out, Alex was on the attack, but Jacob executed a textbook double-leg take down, then rolled Alex onto his back. Jacob and Alex sprang to their feet and shook hands. The next day, over breakfast, I asked my son about Cross Fit Memorial Hill, where he worked out.

Jacob's teammates, who had been kneeling at the edge of the mat, sprang to their feet to congratulate my son; his win all but guaranteed the team its second straight state championship. Most of it, out of condition and overweight, staggered to its feet, applauding. He seemed mildly amused, told me it was not the part-gym/part-country club I was used to, but when I persisted he said sure, he'd introduce me to his trainer.

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