Advice about dating older women

I want a young stud who is full of energy, full of virility, with a hard, toned body.

Just about all my girlfriends who are over 40 feel the exact same way.

There are even far more single women available in the 56-61 age group than there are in the 18-25 and 26-31 combined. Among most heterosexual men, the appeal of a woman’s strictly sexual companionship will always remain fairly high, assuming the women have been blessed with a reasonably attractive face and have managed to keep their figure reasonably shapely.

The problem in today’s society is that a high percentage of eligible Bachelors have very little if any desire to spend a significant amount of time with middle-aged and older women when sexual enjoyment and orgasmic satisfaction are nowhere in the picture.

I have no time for a man seeking to be my older ‘boy toy.’ I am only open to dating men close to my age if they are looking for something long-term. Something serious.” The outlook for Black Bachelors who are 36 years of age and older connecting romantically with single Black women who are 36 years of age and older does not look good at the moment.As one young brother who resides in a Chicago suburb said to me, “Alan, I have to keep it real …what motivation is there to spend time with a woman [non-sexually] when you know she has had multiple male sex companions by the time she is 35 or 40?Question: What if we replace the term ‘man’ with ‘woman? The last time I visited a popular African-American online matchmaking website, , I observed only a small percentage of single women on the site between the age group 18-25, and a similar small number of (Black) women on the site looking for male companionship between the ages of 26-31.The numbers begin to jump within the age group 32-37, but without question, the three age groups with the highest number of women are the 38-43 group, the 44-49 group, and the 50-55 group.

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