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I was dancing and chatting with guys, I was center of attention, as I had the biggest bust in the house.

When the party was over I stayed to help my friend clean the backyard and then it was too late to go home. There were just three of us in the house, me, my friend and her boyfriend. Three guys, approx 26-28 years of age came over to congratulate my friend on her birthday.

I was young and hot, unfortunately I didn’t have a boyfriend and could only have some one night stands. I have plump D-cups and sexy round hips and a big ass. My dildo is practically my best friend that’s always there when I need it.

I remember it was my sister’s friends who taught me how to use it when gave it to me when I started college. I remember it was my last summer in my home town when I decided I could use my body to get some bucks just for nothing.

At this very moment I felt a dick enter my leaking vagina. They started fucking my holes while I was pleasing the third dick with a handjob. They told me to go on and came up very close to me.

I felt the dick in my mouth get harder and then erupt a cumload deep in my throat. Then I heard some noise and looked round, the guys were standing round me, watching me finger myself. I closed my eyes again, hoping to get some hard cock in my mouth.

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