Aura color dating

It is this intense feeling that causes them to do this.

These people have a knack for remembering the most trivial information; they are excellent at sorting and storing things in their minds, which can be easily accessed when needed.

They need to feel the affection and love in their partners' words and actions.

However, they tend to become demanding sometimes, which they must realize on their own and curb.

For instance, you may hear a Blue say, "..I did so much for her. If something is not reciprocated at the same level, it can upset them; they can also dislike something if it does not go according to the image in their head.

They are fiercely loyal, and expect the same of their partner.

They can be level-headed and cool one moment, and suddenly become emotional and high-strung the next.

One of these auric colors is blue, the one that we will be discussing in this article.These people are big on forgiveness and compassion, and will interact with everyone, even people that nobody else interacts with.They do not dwell on other people's misgivings, and are wonderful friends.The throat is the ultimate communication tool, as we express almost everything verbally.To begin with, an aura is an electromagnetic field of various energies with different intensities, which is created when they enter into and exit from the body.

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Blue is considered as the coolest and the most peaceful color in the color spectrum, which has calming properties.

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