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Jones and his fellow Redditors also had some major scoops, unearthing the picture of alleged shooter James Holmes from the online dating site Adult Friend, the first to show him with his distinctive red hair.Many commentators say Reddit's coverage exemplifies a new breed of journalism, though some, like CNN's Howard Kurtz, criticized the timeline as error-ridden.Though Bonnie survived, she was hit with a bullet that seared right through her left knee, resulting in an excruciating wound that was nearly fatal.Thanks to a strong spirit, the support of her friends, and her devout faith, Bonnie made a full recovery, but the experience of going to the movie theater was understandably tainted.Having married on May 24, the young couple now hopes that their story will remind others that that there is always light in the face of tragedy, and that every individual has the ability to take a horrible occurrence and transform it into something beautiful.

Traditional media outlets should "find as many ways of letting people contribute to journalism as possible," and take advantage of the fact that "journalism is everywhere" now.

Yes, there were mistakes, but Jones corrected them as he went along in a way that was transparent for readers.

(CNN contributors should hardly cast stones when it comes to mistakes, given that CNN "infamously miffed the Supreme Court ruling" on Obama Care, reporting that it had been struck down.) "Media outlets should wake up and take note — because what Morgan Jones did last week just may be the future of journalism." "Colorado shootings details reported best in early hours by teenager on Reddit" Traditional media outlets should embrace the trend: Citizen journalism "may not replace the traditional journalism we're used to," but it could "bring additional benefits that mainstream journalism doesn't provide," says Mathew Ingram at .

That's why when her filmmaker boyfriend, Max Zoghbi, decided to propose, he knew that one of the best gifts he could give his future bride was the ability to re-apporpriate the most horrendous of experiences into something good.

So on January 10, 2014, Max and Bonnie walked into the Cinemark Theater in Baton Rouge, where they live, supposedly to see a regular movie.

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They started dating in 2012, but Bonnie broke it off a few weeks later because she that she was too young for such a serious relationship.

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