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The Stop Awkward Dating crew is ready to hand the reigns over to YOU to control an interactive blind date.You will have a say in what happens on a blind date between two random people via twitter. The funniest comments, most retweeted suggestions, and generally hilarious remarks will drive the date and make it into the final video provided emailed to those subscribed.

We were too caught up in the moment to realize my nose had bled." —Anonymous "My boyfriend was making me feel guilty about being accepted to the school of my dreams because it was out of state—he should have taken me for a celebratory dinner!I called my best friend (or so I thought) to get all of my frustration out.Sign up below to get a reminder email when the event is live, as well as a free video recap of the night featuring bloopers and funniest tweets of the night. The audience will know the smooth and awkward moments in the dater's lives while the daters will be completely blind to who they're going out with. Enter your email in the box above to be reminded for the launch of the event. Stop Awkward has a mission - to make your social life mo' betta', and eliminate those awkward moments in dating!to get the options to cast your vote and choose the fate of the date. Sign up to get exclusive outtakes and video from the blind dates, and get entered into contests to win free swag!

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