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Counseling, support, and methadone medication made a big difference in Steven's life.

And the benefits extended to far more than just himself.

So he learned to rely on himself, developed a great work ethic and an impressive sense of self-discipline.

His one achilles heel was his long term opiate addiction.

is that opioid dependent persons are everyday people, and not someone lying in a back alley, unconscious, with a needle hanging out of their arm.

Sadly, many uninformed people think this stereotype is the norm.

Real Life 5: As a younger man, Barry lived a chaotic existence as a heavy drug user.

Her parents, who were initially very skeptical about methadone, have achieved a newfound respect for methadone treatment programs and the healing power of opioid replacement therapy.Their apprehensions were erased when they got their daughter back, and that was priceless.Real Life 3: Franklin became addicted to opiates as a high school student.The norm might surprise you …Some people will come through it ok using just a few resources.And still some will need both treatment & medication support.

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He has begun to taper down on his methadone dosage with a goal of becoming medication free within 12 to 18 months. He spent all of his twenties physically dependent on opiates.

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