Bengali girls dating

I can only predict the reactions I am going to get after this answer.

Edit (23 march 2014): Well, just to clarify I am not saying Bengalis are the best people to date!

Some things to keep in mind while dating a Bengali guy- 1) They are extremely lazy people.

And their Adda sessions are very important for them.

Their parents especially their mother, mean the world to them.

So, you don’t have to worry about family time with them.10) If you aren’t too much into cheesy stuff. They consider themselves too evolved to be involved in such things.

For the rest of the eligible single men out there who are still wondering what it is like to date a bong bombshell, here’s a comprehensive list of 15 reasons why it’s amazing to date a bong girl!

Be it about her girl's night out, her friend’s wedding, her adventurous day at work or her foul-mouthed rant at the guy ogling at her.

By mature I mean, they know how to be calm, sensible and mentally & emotionally strong in every situation.8) Most of them are expert in some particular form of art, sport or have an in-depth knowledge of history and literature.

The question asked "what are the perks of dating a bengali", if the question would have been about downfalls of dating one; there would surely have been more points than just 14 from my side.

Let's understand a few things about Bengalis first. "If you're smoking, smoke something decent - not this altu faltu gold flake! These family picnics involve literally the whole gigantic family and there can be as many as a 100 people travelling together! Many of the elders didn't know any other language other than Bengali and I had made it a point to speak and interact with everyone! A Bengali girl is usually quite well read and well versed and can talk to you about anything from sex, drugs and rock n roll to politics! They're big and round, brown, blue and sparkly, mesmerizing, true windows to the soul!

I'm not sure how you define "hot" but, yes, Bengali girls are definitely the most beautiful in the country! I must tell you, picnics are something that is a true Bengali tradition and usually happens between November and January! In fact, even today, almost 10 years later, when speak to my ex or some of her cousins, they tell me that their parents still remember me and the song! If you're good with words, you can easily befriend a Bengali. If you're confident and the words flow out, she'll listen to you and you guys will have a great time! I mean, those eyes can melt even the stoniest of hearts!

Most urban Bengalis are highly educated people and take pride in their educational upbringing. The kind of eyes, you could just stare at all day long and get lost in some magical world!

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