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They are closer with each other than with any of the other siblings.Haruka helps Misaki in her campaign to become king instead of attempting to be king himself.From friendly rivalries to pairs who can’t imagine a life without one another, those who only have each other in this life and some who are just fun to watch, let’s take a look at the top 10 siblings of 2015 anime!Lindo and Ritsuka Tachibana grew up together as siblings.Without Suzune, Junichiro wouldn’t be who he is, and Suzune learns a lot from her brother’s “lessons”.

Their connection is based on love, protecting those you hold dear and trusting family, so we thought they deserved a place on our list.

However, Ikki is the weakest and is abandoned by his family.

Shizuku and her big brother were very close growing up and she’s always loved him.

Ikki believes in Shizuku’s strength and is her proud supporter, just as Shizuku believes in him and worries when he is confronted by a powerful opponent.

While a little weird at first, this relationship between siblings is that of admiration, respect and love. Misaki and Haruka Sakurada are the twins in the large Sakurada royal family. Haruka and Misaki share a room; they spend a lot of time together and talk a lot.

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Ever since childhood, Lindo has strived to protect his little sister Ritsuka from harm, be it vampire, devil or anything else.

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