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Under the Texas Business Opportunity Act, the seller must provide you with the following information at least 10 days before you sign a contract or turn over any money to the seller: If the seller makes representations about sales or earnings potential, he or she must disclose both the total number of people participating in the business opportunity for the past three years and the total number of people who have actually achieved the represented sales or earnings within the past three years.The seller must give you the following statement in writing as part of the disclosure requirement: If the seller fails to deliver the product, equipment, or supplies necessary to begin substantial operation of the business within 45 days of the delivery date stated in your contract, you may notify the seller in writing and cancel your contract.Besides being a civil deceptive trade practice, pyramid promotion is a state jail felony punishable by imprisonment in a state jail for up to two years and by a fine of up to ,000.A work from home MLM business opportunity can be the greatest kind of opportunity to join. This is the possibility with a work from home MLM business opportunity.Promises are frequently made as a "come on" to sell the business opportunity by giving it the appearance of a no-lose proposition.But it is not that easy to set up a new business and make money.The foregoing cancellation policy might seems reassuring, but keep in mind that actually collecting a refund from an unscrupulous operator may be very difficult in reality.This is why it is so important to ensure that the business is registered and has posted the required bond.

So your first step in evaluating a business opportunity offer is to see if it meets these criteria.If the business opportunity seller promises purchasers that they are assured of making profit, he or she is required to secure a bond or trust account of ,000 in favor of the State of Texas.Before buying a business opportunity, check with the Secretary of State to see if the company is registered and whether such a bond has been filed.The growth of the Internet, together with a trend toward more and more people working at home, has resulted in a proliferation of "business opportunities." These are offers by companies (or scammers) who claim they can set a consumer up in a small business, usually run out of the consumer's own home.Some business opportunities are real, and in fact these opportunities are regulated by state law in Texas.

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A legitimate seller will not be offended if you ask questions about successful participants in the business opportunity he or she is offering for sale.

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