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And was it strange seeing your work drawn by someone else?

ONE: Murata Sensei just happened to find my website and became interested in One-Punch Man.

I put in tons of characters so that fans would have more to look forward to.

In contrast to One-Punch Man, the main guy in Mob Psycho 100 is emotionally weak and delicate. The series are kind of opposite, but they are both extremes, making them easier to create.

ONE: I'm so happy that an international audience is reading One Punch Man!

With Makai no Ossan, I create it while thinking about how the daily readers are reacting to the story.(Mob is the nickname of Shigeo Kageyama, the main protagonist from Mob Psycho 100.) ONE: Zombieman needs 15 min to recover a cut off arm. There's the rumor that he's the physically weakest amongst S-Class heroes, but it hasn't been confirmed.It would be difficult for him to defeat Deep Sea King.ONE: Genos is rather powerful even among the S-Class heroes.ONE: The situation against the Monster Association would've changed if Metal Bat was around.

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ONE: If Saitama wasn't there, the damage done by Marugori will increase and his disaster level will be upgraded to dragon ――Congratulations on your debut in a commercial publication.

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