Classifying consolidating software component selection methods

Key words: defect, error removal, failure prevention and containment, fault detection and removal, QA alternatives and techniques INTRODUCTION With the pervasive use of software systems in modern society, the negative impact of software defects is also increasing.

Instead, various QA alternatives and related techniques can be used in a concerted effort to effectively and efficiently assure their quality.

Eliminating certain error sources by eliminating ambiguity or correcting human misconceptions 2.

Fault prevention, or breaking the causal relation between error sources and faults by correcting the missing/incorrect human actions through the use of certain tools and technologies or enforcement of certain process and product standards Because errors are the missing or incorrect human actions, both the elimination of the causes for them through error source elimination and the direct correction of these actions through fault prevention contribute to error removal.

Inspection, on the other hand, directly detects and corrects software problems without resorting to execution.

Other QA alternatives, such as formal verification, defect prevention, and fault tolerance, deal with defects in their own ways.

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