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Her assigned gender is female, and her assigned female gender is more or less consistent with her personal sense of self.

An individual’s assigned gender is what appears on her birth certificate.

Many thought she would be named a vice presidential nominee, and later a Supreme Court justice. Barbara Jordan struggled for many years with leukemia and multiple sclerosis.

In 1977 Barbara Jordan announced she would not run for another term in Congress, and became a professor, teaching government at the University of Texas. She died in 1996, survived by her long-time companion, Nancy Earl.

There must be better forums where you can complain about women, gays, rents, violence, sex education, Kathleen Wynne, Justin Trudeau and all.

The white Canadian culture is either alcoholic Newfies or uptight urban liberals who support degeneracy, obscenity and anti-family values.

Gender is personal and is based on ideas and characteristics that usually pertain to a specific sex.

Known for: role in Watergate hearings; keynotes at 19 Democratic National Conventions; first Southern African American woman elected to Congress; second Southern African American elected to Congress after the end of Reconstruction; first African American woman in the Texas legislature Occupation: lawyer, politician, teacher: Texas Senate 1967-1973, U. House of Representatives 1973-1979; professor of political ethics at University of Texas, Lyndon B. She wanted to attend Harvard's law school, but was advised that a black woman student from a Southern school would probably not be accepted.

Barbara Jordan studied law at Boston University, saying later, "I realized that the best training available in an all-black instant university was not equal to the best training one developed as a white university student. No matter what kind of face you put on it or how many frills you attached to it, separate was not equal. After unsuccessful tries at being elected to the Texas House, in 1966 Barbara Jordan became the first African American since Reconstruction in the Texas Senate, the first black woman in the Texas legislature. While in Congress, Barbara Jordan came to national attention with her strong presence on the committee holding Watergate hearings, calling for impeachment of President Nixon on July 25, 1974.

It isn't healthy if you have young ones who will see nude white men or women walking in front of your lawn, and the local police in Toronto cannot do anything about it, and if you dare speak ill of a gay person or feminist who is in the nude, you can end up being charged for hate speech and hate crimes.5) I migrated to Canada in my early forties as my son has Learning disability and some physical issues as well.

If I didn't have that issue of my son not being able to live a happy life in India I and my wife wouldn't have left our fantastic jobs and moved over to Canada to end up as being second class citizens.

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