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Many online dating services are available including Dominican dating sites and christian dating sites that provide a safe place to meet someone special. Matthias Lestrade, who proceeds on pre-retirement leave on December 30th 2008 after forty-one (41) years of service in the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force, has said he is leaving the Police Force at a time when the country is stable. Matthias Lestrade, who joined the Police Force at the time when Mr.

The Sagicor Group offers a competitive range of services including life and health insurance, investment and asset management, brokerage and transaction processing, property and casualty (general) insurance.Edward Oliver Leblanc was the countrys Premier, made the remarks at a surprise farewell reception organised by the gazetted officers of the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force on Tuesday at Police Headquarters in Roseau.I am leaving the Police Force at a time when the country and I am happy for it- Dominica- is stabilised. Crime wise we are stable, we can manage it and we are managing it. Politically the country is stable and this is what I would like to see and that is what is happening, Mr. The Commissioner acknowledged the contribution of members of the Police Force for their support, assistance and encouragement over the years and added if we can continue like that our Police Force will be the envy of the OECS and the entire Caribbean. Lestrade also took time out to pay homage to his wife for her contribution to his own personal development and success as a Police Officer. I owe it all to her as well for assisting me to be who I am and what I have been. Lestrade was leaving behind a bunch of police officers who are capable of continuing in your footsteps and raising the Force to a higher level. Lestrade entered the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force on August 15, 1968.In 1994, Dominica generated 78% of its electricity from hydropower.However, in year 2008 the relative share has dropped down to 23%. The proportion of available RE capacity has decreased in Dominica over time.

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