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) Specifies a custom blockdevice to use for metadata for the thin pool.

For best performance the metadata should be on a different spindle than the data, or even better on an SSD.

Managing the thin-pool outside of Engine makes for the most feature-rich method of having Docker utilize device mapper thin provisioning as the backing storage for Docker containers.

The highlights of the lvm-based thin-pool management feature include: automatic or interactive thin-pool resize support, dynamically changing thin-pool features, automatic thinp metadata checking when lvm activates the thin-pool, etc.

You can find examples of using Systemd socket activation with Docker and Systemd in the Docker source tree.

You can configure the Docker daemon to listen to multiple sockets at the same time using multiple or a specific host IP to give access to everybody, but that is not recommended because then it is trivial for someone to gain root access to the host where the daemon is running.

For example, when a container exits, its associated thin device is removed.

And devices automatically go away when last user of the device exits.

Typically, a change to this value requires additional steps to take effect: Specifies the size to use when creating the loopback file for the “data” device which is used for the thin pool. The file is sparse, so it will not initially take up this much space.

Specifies the size to use when creating the loopback file for the “metadata” device which is used for the thin pool. The file is sparse, so it will not initially take up this much space.

If the storage driver can not remove a device, the container deletion fails and daemon returns.

With these two options enabled, if a device is busy when the driver is deleting a container, the driver marks the device as deleted.

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]) --bip string Specify network bridge IP -b, --bridge string Attach containers to a network bridge --cgroup-parent string Set parent cgroup for all containers --cluster-advertise string Address or interface name to advertise --cluster-store string URL of the distributed storage backend --cluster-store-opt map Set cluster store options (default map]) --config-file string Daemon configuration file (default "/etc/docker/daemon.json") --containerd string Path to containerd socket --cpu-rt-period int Limit the CPU real-time period in microseconds --cpu-rt-runtime int Limit the CPU real-time runtime in microseconds --data-root string Root directory of persistent Docker state (default "/var/lib/docker") -D, --debug Enable debug mode --default-gateway ip Container default gateway IPv4 address --default-gateway-v6 ip Container default gateway IPv6 address --default-runtime string Default OCI runtime for containers (default "runc") --default-ulimit ulimit Default ulimits for containers (default ]) --exec-root string Root directory for execution state files (default "/var/run/docker") --experimental Enable experimental features --fixed-cidr string IPv4 subnet for fixed IPs --fixed-cidr-v6 string IPv6 subnet for fixed IPs -G, --group string Group for the unix socket (default "docker") --help Print usage -H, --host list Daemon socket(s) to connect to (default ]) --icc Enable inter-container communication (default true) --init Run an init in the container to forward signals and reap processes --init-path string Path to the docker-init binary --insecure-registry list Enable insecure registry communication (default ]) --ip ip Default IP when binding container ports (default --ip-forward Enable net.ipv4.ip_forward (default true) --ip-masq Enable IP masquerading (default true) --iptables Enable addition of iptables rules (default true) --ipv6 Enable IPv6 networking --label list Set key=value labels to the daemon (default ]) --live-restore Enable live restore of docker when containers are still running --log-driver string Default driver for container logs (default "json-file") -l, --log-level string Set the logging level ("debug", "info", "warn", "error", "fatal") (default "info") --log-opt map Default log driver options for containers (default map]) --max-concurrent-downloads int Set the max concurrent downloads for each pull (default 3) --max-concurrent-uploads int Set the max concurrent uploads for each push (default 5) --metrics-addr string Set default address and port to serve the metrics api on --mtu int Set the containers network MTU --node-generic-resources list Advertise user-defined resource --no-new-privileges Set no-new-privileges by default for new containers --oom-score-adjust int Set the oom_score_adj for the daemon (default -500) -p, --pidfile string Path to use for daemon PID file (default "/var/run/") --raw-logs Full timestamps without ANSI coloring --registry-mirror list Preferred Docker registry mirror (default ]) --seccomp-profile string Path to seccomp profile --selinux-enabled Enable selinux support --shutdown-timeout int Set the default shutdown timeout (default 15) -s, --storage-driver string Storage driver to use --storage-opt list Storage driver options (default ]) --swarm-default-advertise-addr string Set default address or interface for swarm advertised address --tls Use TLS; implied by --tlsverify --tlscacert string Trust certs signed only by this CA (default "~/.docker/ca.pem") --tlscert string Path to TLS certificate file (default "~/.docker/cert.pem") --tlskey string Path to TLS key file (default ~/.docker/key.pem") --tlsverify Use TLS and verify the remote --userland-proxy Use userland proxy for loopback traffic (default true) --userland-proxy-path string Path to the userland proxy binary --userns-remap string User/Group setting for user namespaces -v, --version Print version information and quit Socket.

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