Consider this before dating a korean girl

The statistics for White-Asian interracial marriages in the San Francisco Bay Area are even more extreme - something like a 4 to 1 ratio for White males versus Asian males.)As a result, the odds are against Asian males romantically.

Not only are there fewer possible marriage prospects due to Asian women marrying outside the race, but trying to do likewise (date White females) is an uphill battle for Asian males. Once in a while, when meeting new people, I'll be surprised and taken aback by how friendly a lady is to me.

Never really had good taste at dramas but when I accidentally watched this one and was patient for about 2 min, I was addicted immediately and finished the whole season in two days, Great script, great Story, Amazing Acting! It's one of the most popular show this year, thanks to the profusion of accomplished cast members and the strong plot line. Just love it love it Very well developed and (thoroughly) thought of plot; great actors/actresses that gave amazing performances & a unique storyline that makes you desperate to watch the episodes that follow! They say it's also one of the most watchable Korean dramas. It completely different from usual dramas, It's Just Unique and Beautiful.. Love Rain The most beautiful Korean drama that I have ever watched.

Highly highly recommend, you will not regret watching it. The drama is about twin orphans who were separated the day the other was taken into care. all the songs on the soundtrack are so beautiful... Han Jung Woo and Lee so Yeon I like it That Winter, The Wind Blows Very good acting by the lead characters, especially the female lead. There is very good chemistry between the lead characters.

Beautiful drama filled with rich emotions, brilliant acting and great storyline. Both lived their lives differently, one acknowledging and caring for the other twin, and the other oblivious of the existence and well being of her. It has to do with time traveling a couple times between the future and the past. and I might be micky yoochun biased but BEST DRAMA EVER. Even the supporting cast, even the cameo roles, acted very well.

I love Ji sung he mailed it totally Doctor Stranger This drama is so good! Both have very different personalities where by one could be a penitential bully and the other who is getting brutally bullied. And the main character is totes bad ass in the end of the drama. Missing You (I Miss You) I think this one deserves to be at least part of top 10.. The story is unusual, yet it was well presented and heart-rending.

It's funny, sad and everything else all at the same time! Fate intertwines and their lives have to be switched. The love between leads touches all the hearts and the songs are really amazing... I'm surprised it's not in the top ten in terms of acting. The chemistry is great and it is the best melodramas I have ever seen with the most heart moving soundtrack.

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