Consolidating democratic governance in southern america botswana

We leave it to the reader to judge whether we have answered these questions, but a summary of the findings is attempted in the conclusion.

The research project from which this book resulted was almost as much about process as findings.

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It was a project of the Southern African Defence and Security Management (SADSEM) Network, a grouping of tertiary institutions in ten countries that works on common research and capacity-building programmes for the democratic management of defence and security in the region, both within and between states (see Appendix 2).

3 The mid-term evaluation was carried out by Francis Kornegay (South Africa) and the final one by Balefi Tsie (Botswana) and Barry Munslow (UK).

In some countries, small teams of researchers collaborated as part of the effort to build local capacities.

A small team of international advisors also participated in the process.

After common terms of reference had been agreed, three conceptual chapters were written: on democracy and security; on security co-operation in a comparative context; and on the background of conflict, co-operation and democratisation in the Southern African Development Centre (SADC). We initially hoped to cover all the 14 member states of SADC, but as the project advanced this was whittled down to 11.

In particular, Angola and the DRC, which at the time the research was initiated were still involved in civil wars, proved difficult to accommodate in the research framework.

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