Costa rican dating customs

Religion Costa Rica is not a vehemently religious country, unlike a lot of Latin American countries.

Almost 75% of the population is Catholic, however, the majority of people attend church only on holidays or other important days.

Recently, Nicaraguan immigration has been blamed for various problems in Costa Rica, although these claims are not backed up by any facts.

Importance of Family In Costa Rica, the family is the center of all cultural and social life.

On the flip side, enjoy this friendliness and be welcomed into your host family's home, just as though you are a member of the family.

Tico Time Ticos are fairly liberal when it comes to time considerations.

Other forms of immigration have brought people from all over the world to San José for work opportunities.

It is very common in Costa Rica to have children, in their late 20's and early 30's, living at home.It is expected, for example, if somebody tells you to meet them at a restaurant at 8pm, they will, most likely, plan on being there around pm.It is important to understand that this practice is normal, and not considered rude at all.Pura Vida The term "Pura Vida", or pure life, is a phrase that truly embodies the Costa Rican (Tico) way of living.As a term that Ticos use day in day out, it is a constant feature in both the spoken language and every day life of Ticos.

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You will find that on the street, if you ask somebody for directions, even if they don't know where to direct you, they will give you directions (even if wrong).

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