Dating a compulsive liar

But, you should not think that you are going to be the one who changes him or her if defensive lying is an ongoing pattern.

There are some people who do this on occasion and confess it, and probably can be trusted over the long haul. Whatever you decide to do, whether you stick in there or not, make sure that you do not go further until the lying issue is forever and certainly in the past.

They may act like someone is “just a friend,” when in reality there is more of a history or more in the present than is being said. Cloud) was working with a man named Frank who was trying to figure out his relationship with the woman he was dating. It seemed that she was just a little too connected to her work.

Frank had no problem with her loving her job, but there was something strange about her relationship with her boss.

Frank could sense some sort of tie that she was not owning up to.

While we would not automatically recommend continuing a dating relationship with this kind of person, sometimes there is a good outcome. But, our feeling is that dating is not a place for you to rehabilitate people.They are not really dangerous, evil characters, and sometimes when they find someone safe, they learn to tell the truth.This is a risk that some people want to take after finding out that deception has occurred.Why do people lie, and how can you set appropriate boundaries?In our opinion, there are really two types of liars: Liar Type 1: There are liars who lie out of shame, guilt, fear of conflict or loss of love, and other fears.

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