Dating a compulsive liar

They fear the other person’s anger or loss of love.Liar Type 2: There are liars who lie as a way of operating and deceive others for their own selfish ends.

And, there was still some sort of continuing tie between them.Remember the words of the wise instructor: Do not go on to other issues until the lying is solved. Tell him or her good-bye and save yourself a lot of heartache.Perpetual liars are not ready for a relationship, no matter how much you are attracted to him or her. A footnote: After Frank ended the relationship with his girlfriend, she soon was back with her former boyfriend (and boss).Just because the person is lying out of fear does not make it acceptable, and serious devastation can occur even with fearful liars. By and large, the best policy is to stay away from those who lie for any reason. It is often too risky, from our perspective, to get involved with the fearful liar.If the person gets better and comes back repentant, that is one thing.

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I told my client I thought he was lucky to have escaped her.

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