Dating a man who makes less money

I did in fact date someone briefly who made less than I did and to be honest for me it was difficult.

I felt like I was constantly picking up the tab and it made it very difficult.

But what happens when you meet an amazing woman who just happens to look better on paper than you do? Or should you pursue and woo her regardless of what your pay stubs, bank statements, and portfolio say?

In the new millennium, a time when men and women have equal earning power, when more and more husbands are opting to become stay-at-home dads and let their wives bring home the bacon, and when single women are putting off marriage and monogamy longer than previous generations, is dating a woman who makes more money than you still an issue?

Like season tickets to see your favorite team play. If she’s somebody worth wooing and pursuing, then you owe it to yourself to rise above the initial ego bruising and go for it!

Besides, you may just discover that you like dating someone who’s equally, if not more, monetarily secure for all the financial freedom it affords you both.

We are a team and I know that eventualy he is going to be successful.When you are married it should not matter who makes more than who, it is not my money but our money. Now I do not know how the situation works out when you are dating.We married about 18 months after college so we were both starting our careers back then, we did not care how much we were making we were just excited that at least we had jobs.And if you happen to meet a savvy and successful woman who doesn’t care about who makes more money, is it still an ego-bruising deal-breaker for you, regardless of how amazingly sexy she is?What follows are some tips on how to date and mate a successful woman who just might earn more than you without killing your confidence.

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Whether it was a disaster, a love story you never thought possible, or a stable but at times boring situation, I'd love to know.

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