Dating a wrist fracture

We met at her house and used her basement for our rehearsals.Her parents were very supportive and welcomed me into their social sphere with great enthusiasm.After the show finished all of the performances, Gail asked if I would like to go to her house for a Sunday dinner.By this time I found a girl that was funny, smart, and I thought (as only teenage hormones can) very sexy. We appeared together in almost all of the school plays throughout high school and even were invited to appear in the local community college productions.I met Gail when I went from elementary school to middle school in the seventh grade.She was from a different part of town and rode the bus to school.I got a small part as a farmer, and Gail was the girl I was wooing.She wanted to rehearse our parts together and I said OK.

Gail and I both tried out for a musical that the school was putting on to raise money for the music department.

This guy, Ross Jordan, I found out later, had three girls who all thought they were the one for Ross.

I tried to tell Gail what I found out, but she refused to talk to me.

I did my three years as a training manual writer and sometime Intel Analyst.

I came back to my home town and more then a few of my ‘friends’ updated me on Gail’s status.

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I was also in several singing groups at school, so I was often performing with the school’s glee club and choir.

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