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So I want to tell everyone: Be careful and never believe what they say, look what they do.

Also want to thank everyone on this forum who shares their stories.

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“I made this [app] because we all live it.”Currently, the majority of its members, who Jessa said number in the thousands, live in the U. "So what I wanted to do was make it easier for young Muslims to be able to meet, to interact and to find someone to marry," he told Al-Arabiya.

But he couldn't stop talking how much he liked me, how I was the best girl he ever met, how we were made for each other, how he wants to give us a try, he told me how he wanted me to come to live with him for few months and blah blah blah.

Its users swipe left and swipe right, but a new app called Salaam Swipe is not about hooking up.

It's about love and marriage, and it's geared specifically toward Muslims.

Submitted by Lilia (Russia), Mar 29, 2013 at Don't have serious relationship with muslim guys.

I had experience and also know some girls who dated arab guys and I think that they are good only for fling, not for relationship. If you don't want anything serious have a good time with them, hang out, have romantic evenings, have sex, they are good at all of this.

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He made me feel that I'm special to him, that he cares. But the situation of this guy wasn't very good, he was married for a green card and he was paying money to that girl and, as he told me, she wanted more and more money from him.

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