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There’s a reason so many people — myself included — are so passionate about the idea of any Diablo game coming to the Nintendo Switch: It would be a perfect fit.The thought of a version of or even a collection of past Diablo games that you could play on the TV in docked mode, possibly even using the motion controls of the Joy-Con as a kind of mouse, and then take with you in portable mode is almost too exciting to contain.Also note that an online auction house allows players to purchase virtual items for real money, though these transactions are not necessary to complete the game." /This game entertains by depicting constant, gory, over-the-top fantasy and medieval-style combat, sending the message that violence is fun.The game's story is a typical tale of heroes fighting to save the world from an ageless evil, and is filled with simple themes of duty and honor.

This whole thing started when Blizzard sent out the following tweet.

“We hadn’t traveled together prior to this, and we were still trying to figure out our communication technique with one another,” says Draghi, 33, a nurse practitioner.

“It was a lot harder than we anticipated.” But the couple—who met through mutual friends and had dated for eight months before filming began in Los Angeles in June—held their own against stiff competition, including Survivor champions, Olympic snowboarders, and round-the-world sailors.

is an action role-playing game that shows fountains of blood and severed body parts.

Players are provided a distant, raised perspective of the action, which serves to lessen the intensity of the violence, but the carnage is almost non-stop and relentlessly gory.

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