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New characters introduced in this season are Michelle Lee, who was briefly on Di Nozzo's team and was transferred to the legal department upon Gibbs' return, and (already in the final episodes of season 3) Gibbs' former boss and mentor Mike Franks, both as recurring characters.Also, albeit later in the season, Army CID Lieutenant Colonel Hollis Mann is introduced as another love interest for Gibbs., and there is no obligation to become a paid member.Because we don't want your online dating experience to be ruined by spam, scammers or people messing about, we do charge a small monthly fee for our service which deters the time wasters and attracts only people who are serious about dating on the internet.When a Marine colonel dies in an explosion at a military golf course, the NCIS team must investigate a suspected terrorist attack with the help from the Army Criminal Investigative Division (CID).The CIA gives them a lead to an abandoned warehouse.The team soon finds discrepancies in the petty officer's case and that he may have been framed.

The situation takes a delicate turn when Homeland Security claims the suspect is actually working for them.A former petty officer, convicted of murder, escapes from prison and forces F. Fornell asks Gibbs, who had worked on the case before and is reinstated as an NCIS agent by Director Shepard, for help when his daughter is threatened.To his former team's disappointment, Gibbs insists that the reinstatement is only temporary.If you don't find somebody you want to talk to or meet, simply don't become a full member. Billing is on a monthly basis and there is no minimum term, so cancel whenever you like!Why not take a look around now, by registering for free - it just takes a minute!

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