Dating for the married

A guy who is not able to and willing to wine and dine them, buy them gifts, and spend a lot of time with them will probably get nobody interested.After all, to the woman who is looking and gets lots of offers being wined and dined, made a fuss off, bought presents is all part of the excitement and makes her feel special.He is not seeing women as pieces of meat there for his pleasure and there was something unique about this one woman.I did know a man who was unable to have sex with his wife because of her health, he had no intention of leaving her, so he tried to find a single mistress.Such as “text me now, I am in your town, horny and gagging for it” with a photo of a young busty woman who looks like she could get a job as a model.

He then tried to find a married woman, and again it never happened, because the women he tried it on with wanted men who paid, men who got more spare time to spend with them, younger men and single men.She would be saving him a lot of money (OR does this man think that when he goes to a massage parlour, brothel or call girl the single ones charge and the married ones do not? And as women are usually seeking friendship and love as well as sex they would prefer the idea that their lover is faithful to them.I have known married men join dating agencies and lie, pretending to be single, one told potential suitors that he had to work every evening, all night and all weekends and bank holidays as he knew that if he admitted he was married most of them would block him.A lot of single men also join in the hope of meeting a married woman for fun, a lot of young men look for an older married woman for fun, they think single women are fussy, time consuming and high maintenance, so the women have a lot of choice.Some of them are only interested in the guys who will pay.

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The man is probably only wanting sex but women see it differently.

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