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"And he was able to charm psychiatrists just like he charmed his victims.This guy should've never been released based on the crime itself."Less than three years later, Rodney Alcala was a free man again.He was just finishing it when he died suddenly on Aug. One year to life and the parole board let him go after 34 months. after what he did to Tali Shapiro."Indeterminate sentencing meant a parole board, not a judge, would determine how much time an inmate actually spent in prison."The emphasis was on rehabilitation back then," Hodel explains. Open this door I want to talk to you.' Finally, I kicked the door in. We could see in the kitchen there was a body on the floor, a lot of blood.""They say a picture says a thousand words," Murphy says, "and that image of those little white Mary Janes on that floor with that metal bar that he used to strangle her with… there was a lot of photograph equipment," Camacho continues. "We've got to find this guy, we've got to get him off the streets, we've got to bring him to justice," says Hodel.

"She arrived at my house at about, gosh, I want to say 11. I'm, you know, in a photography class, or for a photo contest.' And Robin goes, 'Sure! ' And man, he took that camera, turned his head down, and you could almost see, like, smoke comin' off his dress shoes."She was the glue to the family," says Tim."She was my best friend," adds Robert.On June 20, 1979, Robin was going to start her first day of work answering phones at the ballet studio in exchange for lessons. Let's go down to the beach and have a cartwheel competition."Shortly before 3 p.m., the girls left Bridget's apartment and headed across the Pacific Coast Highway to the beach."I could definitely see a gentleman with dark hair," Bridget tells Harold Dow.And he actually got picked." So when news spread of Robin's June 20, 1979, disappearance and then murder, Beth had no reason to suspect her boyfriend.They had just spent a weekend together in Northern California."There was no difference in personality, no difference in the things we did, the things we talked about," she recalls. That nobody could account for his whereabouts at that time," Murphy tells Dow.

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"And I said, I go, 'It was the man, that man that took our picture,'" she says.

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  1. Senator Chris Dodd's clipped, deep-registered cadence always reminds me of a 30's gumshoe charmer. Mark Leibovich of the NYT points out Dodd's magnificent handshake and calls him a "throwback to a presanctimonious era when politicians were not so intent on fashioning themselves outsiders and anti-politicians." Blogger Chris Dahlen compares him to Cary Grant and likens his a retro appeal to a Brooks Brothers suit.