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I’ve now taught the case to nearly 1,000 people, and it always has a big impact.Many students tell me they’ve been in or around similar situations, and most can identify with it in some way.” She thought that might be the extent of the fallout, but the next day her boss pulled her aside.“Look Elizabeth, I like both you and Brad, and what you do privately is your business. I don’t want this to distract you or, well, detract from your reputation around here.” Elizabeth’s embarrassment quickly turned to frustration. After two months of romantic dinner dates, daily texts, and even a brief meet-and-greet with her parents, she and Brad had hit a lull. He liked her, respected her, wanted to get to know her better. But he’d assured her they wouldn’t be breaking any rules. And given her standing in the company, they were really more like peers.I decided to teach it when I saw her peers’ reactions.There was deep disagreement over “the right thing to do,” and people became emotional, which made for a great discussion.

And she didn’t—even when he told her that he had indeed been out with Claudia the night before, and twice before that.There were whispers from some of the younger women and what felt like relentless, albeit good-natured, teasing from the guys on the sales team.“I thought you were after customers, not coworkers, Lizzy!They’d never talked about exclusivity, but she’d assumed…. But Elizabeth soon learned that it only applied to people with reporting relationships, and Brad and Claudia would have been grandfathered in regardless.The CEO even seemed to reference them at the all-staff meeting he’d called to announce the new rules—“Of course, we’re not trying to break up any happy couples!

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Are expected to be in attendance throughout the year, apart from up to eight weeks holiday (including public holidays) each academic year (pro-rata for part years) as approved by their supervisor.

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