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That is a really good anvil somthing like that would probably bring about 800 to 1000 bucks it is a cast steel anvil I believe swedish anvils are very sought after any one would be thrilled to have that to bang on I have a 200lbs Buddin and a 275 lbs pedianghaus they both are fantastic. I'm nothing close to a blacksmith, but my dad had 2 just like your swedish darling. I'm not a 'smith and don't play one on any of the forums, but am related to one. I collected these some time ago and would have been lucky to find an anvil of that size in that shape.

My copy of the January 1, 1909 Champion blower and Forge co. This is the best that I can come up with at this time.Ill publish your letter in Blacksmiths Gazette and see if anyone else can come up with more information.Fred Holder" Comes from this link: for the length of the quote.Soderfors has supposedly been making anvils since about 1200 AD; however, he could only find records of the Paragon anvil dating from around 1902 as the oldest and about 1934 as the newest.Soderfors Bruks Akkticbolag was located in Falun, Sweden and exported blacksmiths , farriers, and sawmakers anvils to the United States.

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