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John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school.As a contributor to Tom's Guide he's found a happy middle ground writing about apps, mobile gaming and other geekery.' A year ago, I might have let it slide or just made a small comment, especially since we haven't been seeing each other that long.I may have offered a very brief explanation of the challenges women face when reporting assault and harassment, but then let it go. I’ll take temporary discomfort over the pain of silencing myself any day.""I’d never told any of my past boyfriends—or dates—that I had been sexually assaulted in college.released its first report on Weinstein back in early October of 2017, the news has been flooded with high profile men who’ve been accused of sexual harassment.But the much-needed reckoning (or witch hunt, as some might call it) didn’t stop there. People began to grapple with whether you can love someone who’s been accused.

It has 2 million members and offers free and premium membership options.Honestly, if he had responded differently, it would have been hard to continue to date him. It’s been sobering, plus an opportunity for deeper communication. As I speak up about these issues for the first time, my boyfriend, in turn, is seeing things in a new light. I felt really empowered by women approaching the media with their own vulnerable stories, and I felt even more empowered by the women in my life sharing their own stories, particularly with the #Me Too hashtag on social media.If he had responded in condescension or acted as if it didn't matter, that would have been an issue for me. It’s taken intense effort to stay with our conversations rather than bolt in fear, frustration, and sadness over feeling misunderstood. When my boyfriend and I began dating over a year ago, and immediately had the most open, intuitive, authentic communication I’ve ever had with a man, we were thrilled. Something in me clicked one night, and I typed up my own personal story for my blog in hopes that it would help me process and move forward… Well, the guy I was just starting to date happened upon the blog (girls aren’t the only ones to cyberstalk pre-date, I suppose)—and he asked me about it.As if finding strangers to fall in love with on the internet wasn’t already a virtual minefield, now, misogyny and racism disguised as patriotism were new lenses through which I had to sort potential suitors. A date recently asked me 'where I was from' after telling me I had 'an exotic look.' When this kind of nonsense happens I cut it off right at the head.As a Black woman who is open to dating any race or religion, I felt incredibly vulnerable. In response to this dude, I just went silent, too angry to even engage.

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