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Neben unserer 3 Jahre Thomann Garantie gewähren wir Ihnen auch auf Produkte von Fender unsere 30-tägige Money-Back-Garantie.Unsere kompetenten Fachleute bieten Ihnen zudem weiteren Service vor Ort.Die Historie von Fender beginnt im Jahr 1946, als Leo Fender die Firma Fender Musical Instruments Corporation gründete. die Firma beschäftigt weltweit 2765 Mitarbeiter (Stand 2010).Offizielle deutsche Vertretung ist die Firma Fender Musical Instruments in Düsseldorf (D).

I remember this circus type box and there were 5 different animals available: Cat, Poodle, Bear, Lion and Monkey. You can also control the power or thrust of the fan.

The smash up derby set had ripcord racers that also smashed apart upon impact & then were able to be put back together each time. Mattel made many more dolls and stuffed animals that were pull string talkers, such as, T-Bone, Mrs. I have a replacement part that works and will never disintegrate. "Easily changed disguises create thousands of pretend friends, disguises fit on Hugo as well as youngsters" - Kenner ad. Vinyl - he comes with a blue denim shirt and the following accessories: 2 Glue Sticks, 2 Sideburns, 2 Eyebrows, 2 Noses, 2 Chins, 4 Scars, 4 Warts, Eyeglasses, Eyes, Eye Patch, Fangs, Goatee, Head Bandage, Mask, Mustache (2 pcs), Sunglasses, Wig. His nose has a magnet in it which would allow him to "pick up" the bone when his nose is by it.

Plush animals say several cute phrases when strings are pulled. Helicopter is attached to 21" rod which goes in central spinning hub, & takes 4 "D" cells. One of Ideal's cool "battery operated animal series" toys. Gaylord will walk forward when his leash is pulled once, stop when pulled second time and go backwards when pulled again! The most popular 1960s 007 toy made and one of my favorites.

I guess to protect the hinges or to keep them from rubbing against the insert? The object is to roll the ball in the center of him. They came in the smaller 3" junior version - or the larger 7" version as shown in my photo.

But I specifically remember my Dad telling me to leave the tape on the hinges since, "They must have been put there for a reason." Funny, I don't remember much I learned in school.. I've had so many people tell me they were scared of this guy when they were kids! If you hit it right in the center - he rolls toward you, if you miss - he backs up and starts "razzing" you - showing his big red tongue. The worst is when you lose his battery cover, since its a weird shape and he won't work without one. Another cool Monster type toy from Ideal was KING ZOR. Ok, so maybe not your normal toy - but a great way to get a kid to take a bath!

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