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"Notify them of the postponement and the new date, if there is one," says Fisher.

"Couples can communicate this via printed cards, email, or phone calls, but a card is beneficial so you don't have to explain the situation over and over again." Don't delay on this important — but uncomfortable — step.

“The kind of benefits you see in terms of increasing the perception that someone is reliable and caring — I think those are generalized across everybody,” he said.

There’s ample research to demonstrate that the messages sent by dog ownership influences others’ judgment and behavior.

One study that asked volunteers to rate people based on photographs found that they ranked someone as happier, safer and more relaxed when they appeared with a dog.

In another series of experiments, men had more luck getting a woman’s phone number if they had a dog with them, and both men and women had more luck panhandling when they had a dog with them.

In a series of studies, two Canadian researchers, Anika Cloutier and Johanna Peetz, showed that pet owners certainly believed their pets had a positive effect on their romantic relationships.

They also found a correlation between pet ownership and higher relationship satisfaction. Cloutier acknowledged that it’s hard to know what comes first, the dog or the personality traits that make someone likely to commit to a relationship, and that the links could reflect reverse causality.

Whether dog owners truly are more empathetic and nurturing than those who don’t own pets is harder to ascertain.

If you've chosen a new date, some vendors will happily shift the date on your contract without penalty.

If they're not available on your new date, however, the contract you signed will dictate what happens next.

Another study found that when women heard vignettes about men who acted like “cads” who were uninterested in a long-term commitment, they rated the men more highly if they owned a dog.

For single people who own pets — and more and more young singles do — pet ownership may even make or break a relationship, according to a 2015 survey that Dr.

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