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When they inspect, and he sees maintenance things needing to be done, he takes the time and does the work. Shortly after we were checked in the flight display showed that our flight was delayed due to fog.The work is thorough, but too time consuming for them to do all they were assigned to do. There was some fog at the airport but it was high and shouldn’t have precluded planes from landing or taking off.I was concerned because in the hallway of their apartment I was getting CO readings in the 20’s. 2nd, the airflow on the exterior of the building blows against the apartment windows, pushing the air into the building when the windows onto the porch are open.I stepped outside, onto the porch where their water heater, washer, and dryer are sitting. 3rd, I have had the Sisters opening the window, to air-out the rooms, when the alarms have gone off. Not because the talks or lessons, but because of the side events.Just as the Sacrament Meeting was beginning, Paul, a 4-year-old and 2-year-old, who are so disruptive, started running up onto the stand, behind the pulpit, and back down into the audience.I’m going to leave the sniffer with the Sisters, and give them a 3rd monitor.The next time a sensor goes off we can get an immediate reading in the apartment.

We went in and had a delightful dinner and evening. We learned a week ago that they have been sleeping on box springs for months. A couple, from Hawaii, came into office at lunch time. Apparently, he was a mission president here about 15 years ago. He and his wife have turned in their mission papers and asked to be sent to Taiwan.Later: while we were at their apartment, I had the Sisters turn on their shower hot water. Several things are working together to cause the problem inside the apartment.All water heaters here on “on-demand” type and turning on the hot water starts the water heater. I came back into the apartment and the reading by the open window leading to the porch was in the 50’s. 1st, the water heater has corroded to where the exhaust system is faulty.After yesterday I had them leave a window slightly open in the kitchen, and that window opened to the porch with the water heater.I instructed the Sisters to call the landlord and asked for the water heater to be replaced.

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We have decided the we need to lighten the load on the Ding’s in the area of inspections.

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