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If you think yoga is more of a younger woman’s thing, think again.The average age of women who attend yoga classes is much closer to 40 than 20.If you match with an older women, that means you’re in her desired age range – so you already know she’s open to dating younger and it’ll therefore be less awkward to hit on her.You’ll get access to more older women and actually know if they’re looking for younger men.Secondly, it’s important to instigate the flirting early on in every visit, i.e. Offer her a bag for her tomatoes or ask her to help you find a good watermelon.From here, you’re a huge step closer to asking her what she’s planning for dinner – and if she doesn’t have anything planned yet, that’s your opening.

Plus, older women have found that by sitting alone at a hotel bar, an attractive lonely business traveler might approach them.

This takes the guesswork out of finding an older woman.

Older women are typically organized enough to actually go grocery shopping instead of eating take-out at the last minute all the time.

Once you figure out where to go to meet older women, you can start going to these specific locations well-dressed with your game face on.

Here are 7 great places to meet older women: Many older women are tired of the meat-market environment of dodgy downtown bars, but they still like to go out.

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