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The outer walls of the houses uncovered at Pompeii, for example, are covered in scribbles that serve as house signs, inventories, notices of markets days, rentals, and missing animals or items.

The front of the home of an important citizen advertised public games that the family would sponsor, likely a testament to their wealth and status.

If anything, this election has perhaps caused us to consider the people in our networks and question the integrity of those connections.

Before the coming of social media, yard signs were one of the ways support for candidates manifested.

In this regard, lawn signs continue a tradition that we can see traces of in ancient Rome.It has been a long and emotionally draining ten months where we as a country have had to come to terms with some hard truths about our neighbors' views on race and sex and class.We live in a time where sharing our opinions has never been easier, but the price of sharing those opinions has been general divisiveness in households and between good friends and colleagues.Comments have been disabled on Anthropology in Practice, but you can always join the community on Facebook. In addition to being a practical and effective way to promote your message, yard signs have a lot of curbside appeal.

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