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Needless to say, Mina’s soft whimpers arouse sharper successive spanks.Navel Play Perhaps the best kept secret out of all the members kinks, Mina has an almost obsessive interest in tummies.It seems to be where her confidence comes from, especially when it becomes about an occupation.One of Dahyun’s favourites was playing a stern policeman whilst Sana was a drunk party girl trying to get out of a speeding ticket.When she fingers Tzuyu, she usually pokes her bellybutton to get her off and with Momo they tend to just ride each others abs to completion.A surefire way to make Mina cum tends to be trailing an ice cube across her navel whilst biting and breathing softly onto her wet tummy.Whether its casually being told she looks good without makeup by Jihyo, or Mina shyly fawning over her as she crunches her nose whilst drawing, for her any praise is equal in attraction.Preferring gentler sex, Chaeyoung tends to get wet quite easily especially whenever Tzuyu praises her, “you look pretty when you cum Chaeyoung-ah.” Pet Play Perhaps its her incomparable love for all animals, but Tzuyu seems to love being treated like a puppy by her members.

Ever since Heart Shaker promotions, Mina has been worshipping Jihyo’s toned navel with peppered kisses and licks.

Cumming about three times, whilst being eaten out by Sana in the manager’s car, it only took a week to be bested.

This time with Dahyun as a homeroom teacher who canes bratty student Sana for cutting class whilst wearing an inappropriately short skirt.

For her, all she needs is to take charge and do what pleases her in order to find her climax.

For this, she generally needs a good sub which makes Momo a great roommate with benefits.

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