Deal your parents dating after divorce

Maybe just cut anything that starts with "When you have kids..." out of your repertoire all together. Unless you and your friend have some previous communication on this topic about how your little one is always welcome, assume the party is not kid friendly. If it were "kid friendly" they would have invited you AND your kids, and mentioned the awesome play room that they will have set up in the basement.

I hated myself for being so unlovable, so unwanted and so goddamn dumb. “How dare you,” I said in a voice so hoarse I didn’t recognize it was mine. At times I was angry that they’d hired a private investigator, but I knew they never expected to have anything to report. “Well, at least he fessed up and is being a good dad,” his oldest sister, Lisa, told me by phone. When I hung up, I knew I’d never speak to her again. My kids didn’t deserve to grow up in a broken home, and I never wanted them to feel like they had. I punched so hard in my cardio boxing class that people stopped and stared at me as though I was the Hulk. I took on new assignments at work and started teaching. I had already hit rock bottom and knew nothing could be worse than where I’d already been. I named it “The Year of Yes.” “You want me to speak for three hours in front of 30 students? ” Being abandoned by Phillip also offered a convenient excuse for all kinds of things, and I was prepared to leverage it. ” I asked my cellphone provider in complete disbelief. In my mind I could hear Phillip saying, “What’s the point of stopping to look at puppies when we’re not going to buy one?

Lastly, if you have done or said any of these things, you don't need to apologize. It basically sounded like "Oh, you poor, delicate, non-kid having flower.

I am sorry that I was so consumed in my awesome parenting that I was neglectful and dismissive of our friendship. If you're not currently a fan of the Ask Your Dad Facebook Page, you should be!

Two weeks earlier, Phillip, my husband of eight years — my high school sweetheart, best friend, father of my two toddlers, Carrie and Isabelle — had told me he was unhappy. The contents of that envelope marked the end of my marriage.

“Leave me alone.” I knew what my parents wanted to say. But I opened the door for my parents and saw the large white envelope in my dad’s hands.

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