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This is very annoying & it makes me look like I am not a reliable person.

I think they need actual people that we can register complaints with rather than the automated system now in place. No a non face pic as a main pic would get his pics deleted but not his account.

Prior to this I was on about 4 years ago without incident.

I followed all the rules posted & never received any warnings. I tried one night to sign in & my account was gone.

Thanks.^^^ Since you have restricted mail to females only and those under your own age you probably will be blocked from sending yourself a message, unless you take them off just to check.

Do you have anyone you are in contact with that also has an outside email account to help you check?

We've been going back and forth, e-mails all fine and good, haven't met up in person yet due to scheduling conflicts. If he did block you by accident, perhaps he will look at your profile and see your Forums post as this is your only one.

Anyway, I sent him an e-mail yesterday with my phone number in it and also my personal e-mail. If not by accident, well, all I can say is I wish I wasn't a smoker.

I'll send you a test message to help you but go remove all your restrictions for now until we verify your profile can receive mail. You cant put your email or phone in your PROFILEe but you can send it in private messages here. They filter out some website addresses but emails and phone numbers should be all good in a private message.

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I know, I know that's not allowed, but I didn't know that. I log in , and find that when I tried to e-mail him today, it says "You have been blocked by this user." I'm trying to find out if he blocked me - although I don't know why he would have - or if POF blocked me for putting that stuff in my e-mail. I think we may be down to just one moderator right now.

So lets just assume he has super powers as fas a moderator here goes anyway. If someone has broken forum rules of conduct you should simply report them in the proper place.

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