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Nonetheless, it is fair to say that in the absence of continuing legal protections afforded the species within its native range, it would be at much higher risk than it is now. Lignotuber formation in Sequoia sempervirens: development and ecological significance. Canopy ecology of the redwoods has received a lot of attention in recent years; the best summary of the state of knowledge is provided by Sillett and Van Pelt (2007), who document the existence of an essentially complete forest ecosystem (including water sources and storage, nutrient sources and cycling, soil development, and fairly complex animal and plant communities) 60 m off the ground, with a relatively depauperate zone between that height and the ground. This is a multiple-stem tree from a single genetic individual (a clone) in which the wood of the separate stems is completely fused to a substantial height.

Pollen cones with 6-12 sporophylls, each sporophyll with 2–6 pollen sacs. A cookie from this tree makes up one wall of the "One Log Tree House" tourist attraction on Broadway in Eureka, California. Largest & Tallest Coast Redwoods, Parks, Photos, accessed 20. Logged in about 1945, this was the largest tree ever measured, with a total aboveground wood volume about 18% larger than the largest Sequoiadendron now living. Highly current information on big trees discoveries, with a strong focus on redwoods. Lots of interesting information, links, and great photos. The Arco Giant, one of the largest known redwoods [Robert Van Pelt] (Van Pelt 2001). Seeds 2–7 per scale, lenticular, narrowly 2-winged; cotyledons 2(–4). USA: SW Oregon and NW California, confined to coastal areas (within 60 km of the sea) experiencing a great deal of fog; at elevations generally below 300 m, occasionally to 1000 m. Points plotted as tree icons represent isolated or approximate locations. Mature sun foliage from the canopy of an old-growth tree [C. Mostly found in alluvial soils, where it forms pure stands or occurs with Pseudotsuga menziesii, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, or other local conifers (Watson 1993). The "endangered" status assigned this species by the IUCN reflects its past history of exploitation and resulting reductions in its area of occupancy.

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The largest known redwood [Michael Taylor] (Taylor 1998). Leaves 1–30 mm, generally with stomates on both surfaces, the free portion to 30 mm, those on leaders, ascending branchlets, and fertile shoots divergent to strongly appressed, short-lanceolate to deltate, those on horizontally spreading to drooping branchlets mostly linear to linear-lanceolate, divergent and in 2 ranks, with 2 prominent, white abaxial stomatal bands.

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