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I think that men who have no immediate aim other than finding someone nice to talk to will do better than those who aim to score quickly.

Of the men I know who married women they met over the Internet (but not through online dating sites) I wonder how many of them would have ended up married if they hadn’t used the online dating sites first.

If you meet someone in a bar then you might end up having a drunken conversation that is drowned out by loud music.

If you meet someone over the Internet then you can have a quiet conversation over the phone – which seems to be a better way to get to know someone (and generally more pleasant for anyone who’s not an alcoholic).

The way that lots of dating sites seem to work is that women place adverts, men respond to them, and then the women reply to a small subset of the email that they receive.

“Rejection” in this case isn’t a matter of telling someone that you aren’t interested, but of merely not replying to their mail.

The fact that Anne’s client visited a prostitute suggests that maybe he wasn’t really after a relationship.

In which case using one of the many online services for finding sex partners might have been a better option.

But I’m sure that someone who works as a counselor could provide some useful insight into this matter.Also she didn’t even give a mention to the issue of gay/lesbian dating sites.The next issue is that she didn’t offer any good advice for who should use online dating sites and what their aims should be. That said, some would argue you need to get to know the person first, and they need to get to know you, and I agree with part of that - at least to an extent. In the first conversation because if they can’t deal with it then they can’t deal with me — and why should I waste my time?

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Anne Rettenberg wrote an article for Psychology Today that is critical of the idea of online dating [1], she cites one example of a man who visited a prostitute due to being depressed at his lack of success in online dating to support her claim.

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