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Steps to using the elevator pitch in your love lifeby lunchclick 2 years agono commentshome / for her / 5 steps to using the elevator pitch in your love consultants and baby bankers fantasise about this scenario all the time: It’s your first day of work, and you’re all dressed up and raring to go.

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Of getting stuck in the past, donovan should focus on the great range of skills and talents he has now (even if he got them from former jobs) and the work he’s interested in doing in the elevator pitch: i’m an analog and a digital artist.

I use my fine art and tech skills to design beautiful website experiences and develop projects ranging from creating art to creative you’re transitioning out of the corporate elevator pitch: “i am a web designer and i transitioned from a background in law and human resources with a specialization in organizational development.

A persuasive introduction delivered with skill might just pave the path to your next are three elevator speech examples to consider the next time someone opens a conversation with the question “what do you do?

Of the nice things about this particular pitch is that most knowledgeable people can understand it, but people with expertise in the field who have an interest can follow up with a variety of questions.

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