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2/10 has a due date of September 11 of this year, ten days after September 1.Net 30 gives a due date of October 1 of this year, 30 days after September 1.If paid early, the company gives a two percent discount! The customer gets a discount and the company gets paid.Two percent of a discount won't hurt the company's pocketbook that much, either.One of the most important is the due date, when your payment needs to be paid by.You look at your invoice and see that the due date on this invoice is located at the top right of the invoice. The ones you've seen, though, usually have a date such as November 8 or some other date plus the current year or the next, if we're in December. It has some strange numbers that don't correspond to dates and some letters that you've never seen.Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.

Companies use these terms to encourage early payment of the invoice.You wait about a week, and you receive your shoes and jacket. A few days later, you receive the invoice from this company. On this invoice, you see the amount that is due and several other key terms.Let's take a look at the important terms you need to understand.These are usually the values of the unknown variables, their time derivatives, at time t=0.If you happen to know the values of the variables at some other instant in time, you can use that too.

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Everything is calculated starting from the date of the invoice.

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