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Also, the proxy can easily get blocked by a website administrator.You may not have heard of this, but Google Translate actually works as a proxy.This method works similar to the Google Translate; it lets users access a website URL preserving as domain name In this way, users can cool firewall software, filtering, and parental controls.This means you can remove offensive material (often commercials) by editing video, quickly save to your phone or table, or burn to a DVD, all quickly and easily!

Remember unlike #1 and #2, this method doesn’t provide you any online security and anonymity.Can’t open due to online censorship in your country or other internet filtering policies?This article will provide you with methods to bypass any site and content blocks from anywhere in the world.Just visit, choose any language to translate from and English as a final language. The advantage of this method is that Google Translate usually is unblocked as most censors don’t realize that it can be used as a proxy service.However, this method, as well as #3, often breaks a functionality of a website you try to open.

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